Classics of Organization Theory Shafritz, Jay M., Ott, J. S 9780495569411 PDF

Classics of Organization Theory. This book has been written by the author (s): Shafritz, Jay M., Ott, J. S. The corresponding ISBN code of this free to download book is 9780495569411. If this is not the free college textbook you are looking for, we invite you to try searching for it through the search input of our site, either by typing in the ISBN code for the book, the names of the authors or just the title. To download scroll down to the end of the page and click the download button. Classics of Organization Theory is part of the Business & Economics category.

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  • Title: Classics of Organization Theory
  • Author: Shafritz, Jay M., Ott, J. S
  • ISBN: 9780495569411
  • Price: $134.95